Privacy is at the leading edge now. In this time, Textverified is a dependable squad. They give safe and anonymous US-based non-voip phone numbers. You can use them for SMS, text, and voice verifications. These are mobile numbers. Physical SIMs support them. They allow for full compatibility with other platforms. This is a great option for those who do not want to share their private information. People can get verification codes without their SIM cards. Text verified is the best platform for privacy. It offers strong encryption and cryptocurrency payments. It is the ultimate choice for data protection in the current digital environment.

Textverified login

  •  Visit the TextVerified Website. Paste the TextVerified URL into your web browser.
  • Click on the Login Button: Scan the website’s homepage for the log in button, and then click on it.
  • Type your username into the given space. Then, type your password. By this point, if you don’t have an account yet, you will have to sign up immediately.
  • Verify Your Identity. The verification may must you to enter more information. This could be a code sent to your phone or email. If a website has high security settings, it will send the information through SMS or email.
  • Access Your Account. After we confirm your identity, we will send you to your textverified account dashboard. There you can manage all your account verification services.

What does Textverified mean?

What does Textverified mean?

Textverified is a platform. It provides US phone numbers for in-country SMS and voice verifications. This is the basis for their solidity. The SIMs cards are real, so they are universal and very reliable. The operators give temporary numbers. They can be for short or long-term use. They help send login codes without any risk to your own phone numbers.

What is SMS Verification?

SMS verification (Universal Determination Service) is a process. It uses text messages to confirm a user’s phone number. Businesses use it to identify users and grant access. They do this before sending a message or providing information. TextVerified offers a reliable platform. It lets businesses and individuals verify phone numbers easily.

How Does TextVerified Work?

You will receive SMS & OTP. If a user chooses a service, they get immediate access to the phone number and a verification code. You can use such channels to register on a website. The website requires phone verification.

  • Textverified provides real US mobile numbers. Countries such as the UK, Russia, India, Canada, and France can use them.
  • Textverified encrypts all sessions on their website. They also accept crypto payments to keep data safe and private.
  • Textverified provides an API for developers. It ties together text verification and updating apps with the phone number. API users can buy large volume packages in bulk at discounted prices.

Why Choose Textverified?

Why Choose Textverified?
  • Researchers found that 9 out of 10 teenagers with smartphones . This has become a big problem in schools worldwide.
  • The numbers are integrable with almost all providers. So, anyone interested in a service can send a message using any platform or mobile app they use.
  • Reliability: We provide real non-voip US phone numbers that have always been working. It means you don’t have to worry about getting wrong phone numbers when you’re trying to verify with SMS.
  • Ease of Use: Signing up for Textverified is as easy as inserting your phone number into the field on the website. It is completely free of charge, and requires no installation or fees from you as a user. Customers’ accounts can be set up in a timely manner and hence within few minutes they can use our solution.

Comprehensive Offerings of TextVerified

It goes beyond phone number verification. TextVerified offers a wider range of services. They fit your unique needs. It ranges from ID checks to address well-checking. TextVerified is the only solution for many verification needs.

Quality Assurance and Workable Support

TextVerified prides itself on professionalism. It guarantees an undoubtful solution in text verification. The platform has great customer care. It also follows up with each customer during verification. This gives them the best experiences.

The Future of SMS Verification

Technology is one of the fast-changing fields. The next SMS authentication could improve online safety. It has potential in ways we can’t yet imagine. TextVerify always stays at the vanguard. It does this by embracing the latest technology. This tech lets users speak the language of the future. And it lets them do so without any verification clashes.


  • Verifications: From this point we can offer for $0.25 verification service.
  • Non-Renewable Rentals: The car rental will begin from $1.50 per rental for the period of 1 to 2 days.
  • Renewable Rentals: From $5 charge per month in the form of unlimited manner.


Textverified will provide you with an unmatched all-in-one solution. It will solve your phone verification issues. It does so at low prices, high security, and guaranteed data confidentiality. Textverified provides US-based non-VoIP numbers. They are native. It has tight encryption and a API. This makes its privacy and convenience features hard to find elsewhere. You might be a social media manager. You control many accounts. Or, a digital nomad who wants to use 2-factor OTP codes on-the-go. Or, a privacy advocate needing controlled space. Textverified got you. Just sign up to see how secure and easy Textverified makes it. It helps you keep your data safe on the internet.


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