Kuromi is girly but has a rough appearance and a black hood. She is a free spirit, but also a softie deep inside. Sassy, punky, yet cute also perfectly describe this delightful Sanrio character. She has been around for years. But, there are still a few facts about her. Now is the right time to distinguish her! So, if you’re curious about . Read along and discover all she has to offer!

What is Kuromi?

Kuromi isn’t just a character; she’s a sign of rebellion in the kawaii ecosphere of Sanrio. This rabbit has black (sometimes purple) eyes and a devil-like tail. It wears a black jester’s hat over pointed ears. Being a tough tomboy with a super sweet, girly nature, it sets her own rules! That’s why she’s popular among teens besides young girls.

Where did Kuromi Come From?

Did you see that Kuromi wasn’t made as a stock character like other Sanrio characters? Sanrio designer Yuko Yamaguchi shaped Kuromi in 2005. She made her as a villain for the anime series Onegai My Melody. In the series, she is an escaped convict from Maryland, a forest where My Melody lives. She sought to get back at My Melody for the debasement of her life!

Although she was intentionally destined to be a villain, Kuromi was so cute and hard to hate! Over time, Kuromi joined the ranks of popular Sanrio characters. She had her own animated series.

What Does It Mean?

“Kuro” means black in Japanese; in addition, the name “kuromi” translates to “black beauty.” It’s a cute designation that’s usually given to girls. This faultlessly matches Kuromi’s dark but pretty charming appearance. This dark look made Kuromi a prevalent character for punk, scene, and goth crowds.

What Anima Is Kuromi?

Now that we know more about more you may still wonder if Kuromi is a cat or a bunny. Well, Kuromi is a white rabbit! She has an “anthropomorphic” appeal, which means she looks like a rabbit but performs like a human.

How old are they?

Kuromi was born on October 31, Halloween. This is a flawless birthday for a character who loves playing tricks and singing. In the Sanrio Universe, Kuromi is a nearly 5 to 6 years young rabbit. 

What is Gender?

Kuromi is a girl but is not comparable to the usual princess who waits for a doyen to save her. Instead, she likes being herself and doing things her way. Sure, she’s boyish and rowdy, but deep inside, she’s girly and loves love stories!

Her Favorite Colour

Kuromi dears two colours: black and the other one is… pink! Despite a signature exaggerated and black color scheme, she likes red more. So, why didn’t she have a pink beside black signature color? It will be because My Melody has already filled the pink quota, and Kuromi must have her single look.

Favorite things to do

Kuromi loves causing small trouble. She rides everywhere Bum-Bun Drive on her trike with her biker band, the Kuromi’s 5. She also loves giggling over romance novels like Sugar Sweethearts Forever. Though, she’s worried that people will laugh at her if they catch her understanding it.

Is she good or bad?

She isn’t good or bad—she’s just Kuromi! She may act like a mischievous little imp who loves to stir up trouble in Sanrio Town; nevertheless, deep down, she’s soft-hearted. She must be herself and have fun, even if it means instigating a little mischief now and then.

Her Magical Powers


While Kuromi doesn’t have traditional magical powers, she has an enchanted artifact called the Melody Key. This item is permeated with dark, dream-corrupting powers. They must use it to resurrect the Spirit of Dark Power to end her enemies!

Her Weakness!

Her weak fact is her tail. If someone were to step on it, she would fall unconscious! Aside from that, she also has a weak spot for cute boys and romantic novels, which makes her vulnerable. She becomes insecure and is afraid that the public will judge her.

Her Siblings

Kuromi and My Melody are frequently seen together but not sisters. The two parts have a complex relationship. They are not rivals, but a strong bond turns into friendship.

Her Sickness

Even if Kuromi may seem quiet at times, she has her trusted sidekicks. She considers them her best friends.


She has reached the zenith of her journey through unwavering dedication and resilience. It symbolizes the end of one chapter. And the start of another, full of fresh prospects and potential. Kuromi’s grit and perseverance inspire others traversing similar paths. She embraces this conclusion. 

She stands ready to face future challenges with the wisdom and growth she has gained. It’s a moment for introspection, celebration, and anticipation of the adventures ahead. The conclusion isn’t just an endpoint. It’s a springboard launching her into new horizons.


By Megha Varshney

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