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Meet Overtime Megan . She is a lively sports fan and social media celebrity. She is cherished by means of tens of millions from everywhere in the world. Megan shone as a beacon for authentic ardour. She brought it into the existence together with her lively strength and love of sports activities. Megan Eugenio took the lead inside the virtual space. She affected billions the world over. This article attempts to trace how Megan Eugenio rose to fame. It additionally covers all the outcomes she has been inflicting within the digital space. This consists of her recent link with NBA participant Josh Giddey.

Overtime Megan : Early Life and Education

Megan was born on the 15 February, 1995, in San Antonio, Texas. She grew up in Houston, in which, from early childhood, she had the best ardour for song. Her mom became a rapper. Her father became the guiding pressure of her lifestyle. He was imprisoned for 8 years. Then, lamentably, he died at the same time as she became in her first year of excessive school. Megan, for her element, worked to learn in addition during the whole time. She entered in Prairie View A&M University. She has switched to Texas Southern University. She had balanced studies and released a successful music career.

Rise to Fame:

After signing up with Overtime Megan, the sports network of Gen Z, it became fast one of their favourite creators. Megan has TikTok and Instagram accounts. They are energised with content material. Fans from throughout are entertained with the aid of her dynamic montages and playful dubs. And of course, she cherished sports, particularly basketball. This became one of the most quoted matters in her content. It made fans across the world like her more.

Social Media Presence:

She has an effect on the music of three million, combining between TikTok and Instagram. Some thrilling lip-syncs and basketball-themed films have captured many fans. These fanatics have come to be hysterical. They have made her a social media sensation. Megan is now a reputable influencer on this area. She engages actively with fans and loves sports activities.

The Josh Giddey Controversy: 

An Instagram post of NBA participant Josh Giddey got human beings talking. It put Overtime Megan in the spotlight. People suspected they had cut up. So, Megan got more excited and published an image with Giddey after his superb sport vs. The Pelicans. This fueled the rumours of their relationship. But, after all of the hype over their alleged relationship, neither Megan nor Giddey talked about it definitely. So, the fanatics are waiting.

Musical Beginnings:

 Megan’s profession kicked off with the release of her unmarried “Like a Stallion” in 2016. People called her Megan Thee Stallion primarily based on comments about her length and the insult she could give. She got repute from social media, like Instagram. She has also posted freestyling films that showed skills and won fans. Breakthrough and Mainstream Success: Megan’s big destruction got here in 2019. She launched the hit singles “Hot Girl Summer” and “Cash Shit”. Her mixtape ‘Fever’ and EP ‘Suga’ charted in the pinnacle ten of the Billboard 200. As of 2020, she had two quantity-one songs on the Billboard Hot a hundred: “Savage Remix” and a feature on Cardi B’s “WAP.” This further tacked this artist into the track scene.

Philanthropy and Advocacy: 

Overtime Megan is understood for her music profession. She is likewise a darling for her paintings on philanthropy and advocacy. She focuses totally on rights and schooling for Black women. They has been out in the open. She has shown her spirit to give back to society. She has additionally supported numerous courses. Megan’s music is understood for its bold lyrics. They often rejoice in girl strength and sexuality.

Her fashion mixes hip hop, trap, and dirty rap. It has gained her two Grammys for “Savage Remix” for her style contributions.

Personal existence: 

One of the maximum publicised events in Overtime Megan lifestyles took place in July 2020. That’s while Canadian rapper Tory Lanez shot her in the foot. That occasion and the felony battles that accompanied might be a part of her tale. She ought to replicate the whole thing now. Her story could be of fortitude and electricity in tough times. Megan’s profession grew. Her second album, ‘Traumazine’, rose to primary at the Billboard Hot a hundred. Her 2024 unmarried, “Hiss”, made it her first solo track to achieve this. That means she’s a pressure to reckon with in tune that keeps on.


The media can not get enough of Megan Thee Stallion’s love life. They especially love her high-profile rumoured connections. The last document showed something. It said that Megan Thee Stallion is rumoured to be courting Romelu Lukaku, a Belgian footballer. This is based on seeing them arrive collectively at a marriage in Miami¹.

Overtime Megan has no longer confirmed the person she’s been with publicly. Reports say she split from Pardison Fontaine in February 2023. Before then, she turned into a date with Fontaine, which had started out in 2020 and ended early in 2023. This data is about the non-public lives of the celebs. It is especially susceptible to trade. You can get the trendy information from the latest reviews or from the celebs.


As of March 2024, Megan Thee Stallion’s real worth is $30 million. She has obtained many awards for rapping, hit singles, endorsements, and enterprise deals.

She received three Grammy awards in March 2021. Her albums and singles encouraged the track enterprise.


Megan Thee Stallion has faced several controversies for the duration of her profession. Here are some of the excellent ones:

  • Homophobic Past Tweets: Megan got here underneath hearth for some homophobic tweets from 2011 and 2012. In 2018, she apologised, “I changed into younger, I turned into an idiot, I made insensitive jokes.
  • Shooting Incident: In July 2020, Megan had a foot injury from being shot by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez after a party. The incident brought about a tribulation. The trial broke up public opinion. It resulted in a 10-yr jail sentence for the person in August 2023.
  • Lyrics in “HISS” contact on its content. They comprise the phrase ‘Megan’s regulation’. So, she became the target of complaints. It got here from Megan Kanka’s circle of relatives and society. Their tragic story stimulated laws to shield people from sex predators.
  • Drake’s “Circo” lyrics have induced controversy. They seem to reference the incident where Megan changed into shot. These lyrics sparked debate about his intentions. They got comments from lovers and celebrities.

Overtime Megan’s leaked photos promoted her to delete her TikTok

Megan previously announced that, due to the hacking, she would be making her Twitter private, deleting her TikTok, and leaving social media more generally. Prior to leaving the platform in April, Megan had 2.5 million followers on TikTok.

As of January 2024, Megan has 2.7 million followers on TikTok and over 598,000 followers on Instagram. Looks like her disappearance and reemergence on the internet has helped grow her following.

Fans offered sympathy after Overtime Megan’s leaked content surfaced

After learning more about what happened to Megan, many TikTok users expressed unreserved sympathy for what she went through.

“This is so confusing I would be devastated,” one person wrote on TikTok.

“She’s so sweet and nice it makes me feel bad,” another added.

Of course, many people were also eager to track down the leaked content, much of which is apparently explicit.

Some users also pointed out that, as these comments suggest, additional coverage of the issue on TikTok only adds fuel to the fire and makes more people curious about exactly what the leaks are.

Several hours after the leaks, Megan took to TikTok to inform her fans that she had been hacked. But, with the help of her friends, family, fans and her local police department, Megan was able to hold her head high as she faced this dilemma.


In a changing global of social media, Megan turned into a beacon for genuine passion. She brought it to existence with her active electricity and love of sports activities. Continuing her journey, Megan Eugenio took the lead in virtual. She affected billions across the world.

FAQ’S :  

Q1. Who is Megan Thee Stallion?

Ans: Megan Thee Stallion is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is pleasant and regarded for her properly-cherished facts. These consist of “Savage Remix,” “WAP,” and “Thot Shit.” Well, she thumps the song industry with her sturdy words and active indicates.

Q2. How tall is Megan Thee Stallion?

Ans: Megan is 5ft 10 inches tall (1.Seventy eight m). People referred to as her “stallion” all through her teenage years because of her height. 

Q3. What is Megan Thee Stallion’s actual name? 

Ans: Her actual name is Megan  Ruth Pete. She was given the degree name “Thee Stallion” from a nickname given to her in her adolescence. It commented on her tall and statuesque figure.

Q4. What diploma did Megan Thee Stallion earn?

Ans: Megan finished a route in Health Administration. She took it at the University of Texas in Austin. She was given thought for this course by watching her grandmother. Her grandmother was tending to her high-quality-grandmother. 

Q5. What passed off to Megan Thee Stallion’s dad and mom? 

Ans: In March 2019, Holly Thomas—a rapper who had controlled Megan’s early profession and become her mom—died from a brain tumour. Her father died when she was 15 years old. She became 15 whilst her father died.

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