Are you tired of the endless grind of maths homework and worksheets? Fear not fellow students and educators! I’ve recently found a revolutionary platform. It’s all about to change the way we think of mathematics. There it goes – an adventure-oriented tool embedded in a game that revolutionizes what we think maths is. The tricky maths exercises are now history. A new era is born that will hook you with just getting out of the common mathematics boredom. And having fun with ironclad verifications of your discoveries. In this review, we will reveal the features, benefits, and complete package. That makes it must-go-to place for students and teaching professionals.

What is 99Math?

Consider a different universe where maths lessons are the best part of your day. This is the reality that 99Math is creating. This specialized social networking application platform. Which is specially developed for students in grades 1-8. Needs for sure to bring more colorado to maths learning. Combining the game and the education, it inspires a new type of understanding of numbers, shapes. And concepts which are motivating and intense in its nature. And the ultimate goal of this is the child’s mathematics comprehension.

How Does 99Math Work?

What makes it such a great tool is its simplicity and ease-of-use. Teachers can literally set-up a game within a minute, and students’ collaboration. It is not bound to an extent that they need to follow a predefined time, place, or device. Students do not need to bring their student accounts, making the entire process seamless, and easy for everyone.

It is not just a mere game. It provides teachers with valuable information enabling them to refine their teaching methods. The platform offers the statistics to the teachers which are of utmost importance. It helps to identify areas where the student needs help. Teachers can adapt their plans accordingly and monitor the progress of students periodically. It’s a two-way street for students and teachers. They will easily calculate that it will be a game that will bring joy to math studies and open the history books.

How to do 99Math Student Login?

How to do 99Math Student Login?

Trying to figure out how to hook your students on the 99Math wonderland? It’s a piece of cake! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Visit the 99Math website (99math.com) and create your teacher account.

2. Decide on the math topic your students are to practice.

3. Customize the topic to fit your context or develop a lesson plan that matches your student’s objectives.

4. Select your favourite game mode: Live Game or Homework.

5. Set all the game time depending on preferences: short format, that is 3 rounds, or longer, for example, quiz with 50 questions.

How to Use/Play 99Math?

For students, it is a simple task to be part of a 99Math game. Here’s how they can get in on the action:

1. Go to the 99Math join page (join.99math.com) and key in the game code given by the teacher.

2. They can select their name or writing their name manually

3. The game will be launched, and students will see the questions directly on the screens of their phones.

4. This way, students can solve problems that come up on the screen, competing against each other while having a great time.

Create 99Math Game

Creating games on 99Math is a straightforward and user-friendly process. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a topic: Start by selecting a math topic you want your students to practice. Rest assured that all topics have been thoughtfully developed and validated by fellow math teachers.
  • Customize the theme: Each theme offers additional customization options, allowing you to tailor it to the specific needs of your students or align it with your curriculum.
  • Select Game Mode: Once you are satisfied with your theme, proceed by pressing the “Select Game Mode” button. This allows you to choose how you want to engage your students.
  • Set game duration: Regardless of mode, you retain control over the duration of the game. For example, live games are usually three rounds of 30 seconds each, while homework tasks require the student to solve 50 questions at their own pace.
  • Invite Your Students: With the game set, it’s time to invite your students. Share the unique game code or link with them, or display on-screen join instructions if you’re in a shared virtual space.
  • Enjoy the excitement: As students engage in tasks, they will always see the questions on their device, ensuring accessibility for everyone. You’re likely to see their excitement firsthand as they dive into the game!
  • Review Insights: After the game, you will receive an automatically generated report that will provide valuable insights into your students’ performance, highlighting areas for improvement and giving an overview of the class’s skill level in the chosen subject.

Features of 99Math:

Curriculum-aligned math topics: 99Math has a wide range of math topic libraries with topics. That has been crafted by many vetted educators across the globe.

• Customizable game settings: Teachers can individualize the game arising from diverse needs. They can pick the topic, make it harder or easier, and adjust the game play time.

• Real-time performance insights: The platform gives teachers the data. That they can use to determine where students are succeeding and where they can use help.

• Instant feedback and gamification: The learners have a chance to adjust the game. And their answers are immediately assessed with the added advantage of a game-like style that motivates them and helps them focus.

• Cross-device compatibility: In both website and app versions, 99Math can easily be accessed. And used on any device with a web browser, hence, there is no need to download any specialized software or app.

• Hassle-free setup: Teachers can have a game up and running in just a minute, with no individual student accounts required.

Benefits of 99Math for Students:

• Improved math skills: The engaging and interactive nature of 99Math helps students. They better understand and retain mathematical concepts.

• Increased confidence: As students conquer math challenges, their self-assurance in the subject grows. Making them more willing to take on new problems.

• Enhanced engagement: The game-based approach of 99Math keeps students focused. And enthusiastic about learning math.

• Personalized learning: The platform’s ability to identify and address individuals. They are learning gaps to ensure that each student receives the support they need.

• Healthy competition: The multiplayer format fosters a spirit of friendly competition, motivating students to excel.

99Math Alternatives:There are a few other noteworthy options worth considering:

• Cool Math Games: Classic go-to for math-themed online games and puzzles.

• SplashLearn: It Provides a complete collection of math activities and games for the use of elementary students.

• Math Playground: It is an array of math games and problems to be solved.


If you are in search of a math learning tool that can transform hating of math into loving, you are in the right place. This innovative mega-task not only gives a feeling of being a game. But also provides a challenge in the learning of mathematics weaving the two together into an experience. That is not only thrilling but also quite educational. By using human-friendly interface, distinct features, and prompt analysis the 99Math program. It is all set to alter how we understand mathematics as a subject. So why wait? Dive into the 99Math experience and watch your students’ math skills soar to new heights, one game at a time!

By Megha Varshney

Megha Varshney is helping businesses to grow online and being an enthusiastic girl she is always ready to present her thoughts on multiple niches. As an outcome, she write on several topics to make her readers informed about recent updates across the world.

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